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World of Warcraft Guide: Pre-Cataclysm Quests in Stormwind and Ironforge Article - PC

World of Warcraft Guide: Pre-Cataclysm Quests in Stormwind and Ironforge

Posted by Fiona Allison at Wed, Nov 10 2010 11:27:47 CST 2216 views

This week saw further quests introduced for the next World of Warcraft expansion pack: Cataclysm. This guide will explain the quests available for Alliance players in Stormwind. 

These quests are the latest in pre-Cataclysm events and lore to be introduced. The player can pick the quests up from outside the bank in the Trade District of Stormwind City. 

Tablets of the Earth

There are two quests available in Stormwind, one asks the player to travel to Ironforge and the other requires the player to travel to Stormwind docks. Once at the docks the Tablets of the Earth are located on the floor. There is also a 'mysterious crystal' a player can click and the player will be given a buff to help them fight off any elemental mobs that appear every so often at Stormwind docks. The player needs to take the tablets to Ironforge, where they also need to speak to Stormcaller Mylra.

Quests in Ironforge

The tablets are handed into Advisor Belgrum who is the Hall of Explorers' in the city, this ends the quest chain about the Tablets of Earth for now. Stormcaller Mylra is located outside the bank in the Commons area of Ironforge, once the player has spoken to her another quest becomes available called Subduing the Elements. The player will receive Elemental Sapta which when drunk will allow the player to see Elemental mobs in Ironforge, they also receive a Cleansing Totem which will be used to subdue 20 elemental mobs as required by the quest. This is also the last quest as part of this chain. 

This quest line is particularly short but there are many many more to be implemented in the next coming weeks. Almost any level player can complete these quests; players below level 80 will receive experience and reputation and level 80 players will receive over 13 gold for completing each quest.

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Thanks for the tips. Eagerly awaiting the release of Cataclysm.. I have been doing as much as possible to keep myself pre-occupied in the meantime since we still have about 3+ weeks to go. >.<

Posted by WoW Sick Day on Thu, Nov 11 2010 04:15:27 CST | #1

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