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World of Warcraft Guide: More pre-Cataclysm Quests for the Horde Article - PC

World of Warcraft Guide: More pre-Cataclysm Quests for the Horde

Posted by Fiona Allison at Sat, Nov 13 2010 05:47:33 CST 2391 views

On November 13th more pre-Cataclysm quests were implemented for the Horde. This guide will run through this latest quest chain for the Horde, beginning in Orgrimmar. 

This is the latest quest chain of pre-Cataclysm events to be introduced. The quest begins with Blood Guard Torek who is located outside the bank in the Valley of Strength in Orgrimmar.

Blood Guard Torek's Quests

The first quest is called Show Me Your Papers, and requires the player to go to the gates of Orgrimmar, read the Warchief's Proclamation and search 5 citizens trying to enter Orgrimmar. Once this has been completed, return to Blood Guard Torek who will provide the next quest. This quest requires the player to arrest 5 Cultists located throughout Orgrimmar and bring them to Warden Gartok Ragefist at the Ring of Valor, and also to question a detained Cultist. 

Infiltrating the Cult

Once this quest has been completed, Blood Guard Torek will ask the player to travel to the Cultist's camp at the Jaggedswine Farm in disguise as a Cultist as in earlier quests. Once there the player will obtain the Book of Incantations from Overseer Jintak and try a ritual on the altar at the camp. Once this has been completed, hand the quest in to Overseer Jintak. The next quest will require the player to disrupt Cultist's rituals in The Drag, near the West Gate and in the Valley of Honor in Orgrimmar. This is the last quest in this particular chain. Almost any level player cna complete these quests, and those below level 80 will receive experience and reputation and level 80 players will receive over 13 gold per quest. 

Quest in Nagrand

There is another quest available in Orgrimmar from Earthmender Norsala to travel to the Throne of Elements in Nagrand. This quest is only available to level appropriate players fro around level 63 and above. This quest is just a hand-in but it is highly likely that more quests will emerge in this area. 

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