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GoldenEye 007 Review - Nintendo Wii

GoldenEye 007 Review

Posted by Adam Mason at Fri, Nov 19 2010 10:09:15 CST 2950 views

The godfather of the FPS genre, now returned and restored to modern glory.

There hasn't been a 'proper' Bond game since 1997's GoldenEye, a game that single-handedly changed the entire first person shooter genre. As is strangely befitting the world's greatest secret agent, he's been away for quite some time and the world has changed without him. Today's shooter are full of regenerating health, melee attacks, one hit stealth takedowns, multiplayer games that net you XP, cutscenes, voice appearances from the actors, an unfolding narrative, set pieces, button-matching quick time events, massive explosions and proper vehicle sections. Games even come on disc these days. Now Bond is back to reclaim the crown that he has only just recently lost, and the result is easily the best shooter on the Wii.

Bond is on a mission following rogue Russian General Ourumov, a man responsible for the murder of Alec Trevelyan, agent 006. Bond is concerned that Ouromov has access to an EMP-resistant helicopter, but each piece of the puzzle only plunges him deeper towards a mysterious satellite codenamed 'GoldenEye'.

Craig on the Dam

You know the plot, the game and the original Pierce Brosnan film. This isn't going to change many of the major details, so why would Activision and Eurocom attempt to remake a classic? It has got to be a plot to make as much money as possible, right?

Yes and no. The story has been modernised - no opening set during the Cold War, Daniel Craig is now Bond and Trevelyan's motivation is now beyond pathetic - and all the features you would find in a modern game are all on display here. Bond can now crouch and sneak up on enemies before a quick flick of the nunchuck dispatches them silently. You can only carry two weapons (along with the service issue P99) and health regenerates after a while. They've even included an excellent slow-motion hostage rescue similar to those featured in Call of Duty.

Developer Eurocom have used a modified version of their Dead Space: Extraction engine. The changes are impressive with some minor changes to the control layout and the option to use either the nunchuck, Wii Zapper, GameCube pad or the Classic Controller Pro. The characters seem more realistic in the way they move, talk, look and react. The shooting feels very satisfying and rewarding to play.

Visually, it's superb - definitely one of the best-looking Wii games to date - and manages to look consistently brilliant, even in the chaos of an eight-way online deathmatch. The audio score is also excellent, with themes provided by Bond composer David Arnold. There's even a new recording of GoldenEye for the opening titles, sung by Nicole Scherzinger.

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