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Wet Review - PlayStation 3

Wet Review

Posted by Cesar Garcia at Sat, Sep 26 2009 07:29:15 CDT 1732 views

A good homage to the grindhouse genre but little more.

A2M's Wet, a title originally set to publish under the Vivendi label was later acquired by Activision during the merger of the two companies. Activision eventually dropped the title for unknown reasons. The grindhouse-stylized cinematic shooter was later revealed to still be in development but this time under publisher Bethesda Softworks instead.

One must ask: why did Activision dropped the title to begin with? Would the cinematic shooter title simply not align well with Activision's long term goals, or was the title simply enough not good enough?

Designed by Artificial Mind and Movement, the game feels and plays a lot like other cinematic shooters, the foremost example being Midway's Stranglehold, with great focus on not only killing, but rather how cool you look while doing said killings.

You control Rubi, a no-nonsense mercenary and big-time bounty hunter in a setting and world heavily based on the "grindhouse movies" of the 70s and 80s, down to the cheesy music, camp value, and a grainy look as if you were watching a film that had been played one too many times. The game starts at what seems to be the very last leg of a mission to guarantee a heart transplant to arrive safely at a hospital for a mafia boss. Shortly after that, said mafia boss hires you to bring back his unruly son from Hong Kong. Things proceed to go extremely sour from there as you end up in the middle of a bitter rivalry between two extremely powerful criminal organizations.

The story of Wet is quite simplistic on its approach, having only a couple of small predictable twists and the rest being nothing more than a series of straightforward yet violent events, which although fits the grindhouse format quite perfectly, for a game it feels somewhat lackluster in the end.

Via several levels and unskippable tutorials that will repeat on every run, you'll jump, slide, and wall-run with slight variations and combinations through several levels and three different game modes. Modes range from the simple third person shooter to Prince of Persia based platformer via gravity defying acrobatics, and lastly the far more straightforward rail shooter segments. All of them essentially share the same objective: look cool while pulling of crazy stunts and great acts of violence at the same time.

Wet uses a very nicely designed system where, whenever you are doing a stunt, your second gun will automatically lock-on to the nearest enemy while you aim and fire the other one. The system works well and looks nice enough, although it tends to steal aim based points.

The game is awfully linear and sometimes will try to fake some depth into it by offering vague objectives from time to time. In reality its all the same: go from point A to point B while killing everything that moves, and odds are that you will outright ignore the vague objectives due to the extreme linearity of the level design.

The game can be finished in under 6 hours, mainly due to the minimal degree of challenge, you really won't die that much either. Throughout the game you'll be given different weapons to up the proverbial "cool factor", but in the end you'll stick with your sword -which you can't swap but can update via moves you buy at a "store" at the end of each chapter. Other weapons you might use often include the basic double six shooter, mainly because it packs quite a punch when fully upgraded and never runs out of ammo, while all the other extra guns do. Items can be bought with points that you gain from pulling off stunts and combo kills.

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