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Sonic Colors Review - Nintendo Wii

Sonic Colors Review

Posted by Adam Mason at Tue, Dec 07 2010 07:12:03 CST 3034 views

A 3D Sonic game that's actually good!

For roughly 10 years, the once-mighty Sonic the Hedgehog has tried and largely failed to bring his unique sense of speed to three dimensional gaming with few exceptions. This time, however, he's finally cracked it. Yes, you read that right: this is a 3D Sonic title that truly works.

The game starts off by borrowing an idea from the Mario Galaxy series, by having Dr Robotnik open up a theme park composed of several interconnected planets. From there, it's a wonderfully speedy trip through each of the bonkers levels, all of which are bursting with fresh new ideas for the twenty year old gaming mascot to enjoy.

Sonic speed

What makes Sonic Colors succeed where so many other of his 3D games have failed is the very simple trick of not really being fully three dimensional. It's an enormously cunning ploy, made all the more amazing by the fact that it has taken almost twenty years for SEGA to figure out. You're either controlling Sonic as he runs left to right, or you're running directly into the screen - and that's it. That's all they had to do. This simple trick perfectly preserves the speed that has been recently neutered from the series and allows for a dizzying array of incredible sights.

Quite a lot of the time, you'll find control taken away from you while Sonic zips off into the horizon, or whizzes around an insane loop-the-loop, but it never feels intrusive. In fact, a lot of the time these sequences are so that SEGA can throw amazing sights around the screen without distracting you from the game. The Starlight Carnival level, in particular, is positively bursting with jaw-dropping sights, as Sonic whips around a star-specked black canvas on a road that materialises as he runs, while massive fleets of casino ships emerge all around from hyperspace. The effect is so dazzling that it almost replaces the first loop-the-loop from twenty years ago as the definite Sonic moment.

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