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The Sims 3 DS Review - Nintendo DS

The Sims 3 DS Review

Posted by Christine Melgarejo at Sun, Dec 12 2010 04:30:59 CST 2676 views

The newest installment of the Sims makes it was into handheld form, but loses some of it's charm and a lot of it's clean lines.

The Sims franchise has long dominated the PC domain, breaking records and winning awards left and right. But with the release of the Sims 3 on DS, EA is trying to bring the life-controlling Sim to new players. While The Sims is no stranger to the Nintendo DS, does The Sims 3 bring the charm of the original PC release?

It's understandable that a game that's fit on a tiny DS card is not going to have the same plethora of choices and game play that the PC version, which utilizes a whole hard drive, does. But that does not make up for the sheer lack of fun or originality of The Sims 3 on DS.

From the start players can have only a household of one Sim. Going into Create-A-Sim mode truly shows how ugly the Sims are. At a time where some DS games that have been released are absolutely beautiful, there's no reason why the Sims look so downright pitiful. Only one of four facial shapes can be chosen, each more alien than the next with oddly shaped jaws and misplaced eyes. Hair textures cut jaggedly through the neck of the Sim or sometimes cause weird spacing issues. The torsos of Sims are also abnormally long, both in Create-A-Sim and during play.

The Sims is also known for its one of a kind language, Simlish, that somehow conveys the feelings of a Sim without them ever speaking an actual word from any real language. Unfortunately, the DS version seems to have carried over only one sound clip per each interaction (especially between Sims in conversation) and repeats them over and over... and over. It got to a point where the urge was strong enough to play the rest of the game on mute.

The interface, on the other hand, is done well for the limited amount of screen space. The Sims often has a lot of information from mood meters to wants to other buy and build mode options, and the design here does a great job of handling them all without taking up much needed screen space.

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