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Dead Rising 2: Case West Review - Xbox 360

Dead Rising 2: Case West Review

Posted by Adam Mason at Fri, Jan 14 2011 09:27:21 CST 1313 views

Another short version of the Dead Rising experience, this time without any of the effort.

For those who haven't yet finished Dead Rising 2, we'll throw in the words 'SPOILER WARNING' right here.

Chuck Greene's traumatic survival of Fortune City has only just recently come to an end. He knows who set him up. He knows why. Now he's left his daughter in good hands and now come to the place responsible: Phenotrans, makers of bite cure Zombrex. All he needs is help from the one man he can count on... Frank West.

West & Greene

There are some similarities here to 'Case Zero', the first downloadable chapter for Dead Rising 2, except - with this being an 'epilogue' - things you did in the main game come into play here. If you managed to get all the combo cards, you'll find many of them have been imported over here. It's a bit of a shame that your experience level hasn't made it - instead you begin at level forty no matter what, with another level cap of fifty.

The gameplay here feels like a much more streamlined version of what was experienced in Dead Rising 2. You no longer have to worry about cash. Frank West has no health bar and carries an unlimited supply of baseball bats - he can even use combined weapons, unlike the previous survivors. Even saving stranded people simply means fulfilling a request for them, instead of dragging them back and forth through the facility. Admittedly, this last one is probably more to do with the AI's pathfinding abilities and the confusing layout of the facility than anything else. Frank West will automatically follow you through any loading screen, no matter how far away you are.

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