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Activision Announces "Call of Duty Elite" News - Xbox 360

Activision Announces "Call of Duty Elite"

Posted by Mehar Gill at Tue, May 31 2011 06:25:26 CDT 1967 views

New service to add various social features to the franchise.

Activision has announced "Call of Duty Elite", a social experience for the Call of Duty franchise. Developed by the newly formed Activision studio, "Beachead", the service is touted to offer various innovative features.

"The average Call of Duty player spends 58 minutes per day playing multiplayer. That is more than the average Facebook user spends per day on Facebook. And yet, right now, there are very few tools to unite and super charge that social community," said Eric Hirshberg, CEO of Activision Publishing. "Whether it's allowing you to connect with your friends, or people of a similar skill level, people who live in your city, people who share your favourite passions, join competitive clans or social groups, or upload, view and comment on the incredible mass of player-generated content, or watch and comment on exclusive created content, Call of Duty Elite will give people more ways to connect with fellow players than ever before. Elite will also allow players of every level to improve their game with an intuitive suite of tools, and compete in tournaments for both real and virtual prizes."

The service will give users greater customization features when playing matches, allow users to stream matches, and even offer users hints as to how they can improve their game. Those who purchase a premium membership will also have access to exclusive content in the form of DLC and features. A pricepoint was not announced. Companion versions of the service will be available online and on mobile devices according to the release.

"Call of Duty Elite has been tailored for Call of Duty's diverse base of players - hardcore gamers, casual weekend warriors and even beginners," added Hirshberg.  "Over 7 million gamers play Call of Duty online each day logging hundreds of hours of multiplayer per player per year.  Of course, the out of the box Call of Duty multiplayer experience that gamers have come to love and expect will continue as is.  However, for those players looking for more, Call of Duty Elite will supercharge their experience."

Call of Duty Elite will launch alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 in November of this year. A beta will be held later this year using Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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