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Toy Story Mania! Review - Nintendo Wii

Toy Story Mania! Review

Posted by Christine Melgarejo at Wed, Oct 14 2009 04:47:12 CDT 955 views

Disney brings their newest attraction to the Wii in a shooting gallery style collection of mini-games.

Wii mini-game compilations are nothing new. The versatility of the Wii-mote has spawned a legion of mini-game titles but because most of these games are similar it’s hard to create one that stands out. Toy Story Mania does its best to be unique by bringing the theme park ride of the same name into living rooms.

The first thing that catches attention is the elaborate design of the games menus. It all takes place inside Andy’s room, the home of Woody, Buzz and friends. Each menu is made up of toys including scattered building blocks that are used as a speak-and-spell to type in your player name. It’s immersive and definitely has that Disney feel.

The controls are simple; point, shoot and waggle. Different scenarios provide the main appeal in which the player racks up points by shooting darts at plungers or balloon targets. Each of these is taken straight from the ride, and those who have experienced the attraction will find more appreciation for these games than the average player.

There are five goals attached to each stage and to move on to the next game you have to complete at least two. Often they are simple, like beating a set score or hitting certain targets a number of times in the row. Some are a little trickier, especially if playing single player which encourages you to bring a friend into the action. The game supports up to four players, but only two can play at one time (also the case in the theme park ride) which works well as too many targets and flying objects on screen would be far too distracting.

There’s also a chance to ramp up bonus points at the end of a stage, usually by waggling the Wii-mote in some crazy motion and hoping your sensor bar picks up on it. It seems unnecessary; as if it were added just to make the motion controls a little more useful.

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