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New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review - Nintendo Wii

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

Posted by Thomas Worthington at Thu, Nov 19 2009 04:24:26 CST 1775 views

Can Mario's classic style stand the test of time once more?

When Nintendo revealed New Super Mario Bros Wii during their E3 conference, opinions were mixed. Fans of series rejoiced at the return to form, a traditional Mario title with all the trimmings. Others however, were left asking “Is this it?” The game looked visually poor, the gameplay looked untouched and overall it looked something Nintendo had thrown together at the last minute. These doubts were quickly put to rest about 30 minutes later when Nintendo threw Super Mario Galaxy 2 our way but there was still this lingering sense of dissatisfaction.

After all, New Super Mario Bros had already revitalized the classic game three years ago on the DS and the home console counterparts have been flourishing as 3D platformers for over a decade now. Initially, this ‘New’ Super Mario Bros looked more like a step back.

It’s Princess Peach’s birthday and all the gang are there to join in with the celebrations when Bowser Jr. and his gang of memorable associates decide to crash the party and take off with the princess. Without hesitation, Mario, Luigi and two Toads set out on a quest to hunt down Bowser Jr. who is flying around the Mushroom Kingdom in his airship.

It’s a story told time and time again: Princess gets kidnapped by big bad guy, Mario follows the bad guy by platforming his way through a series of themed levels to eventually take down big bad guy and save the princess. It’s a formula that might have been worn thin long ago but expect anything more and you’re going to be disappointed. New Super Mario Bros. Wii plays it safe in more ways than one.

The same goes for the game itself. If you’ve played New Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo DS then you’ll know that this is more of the same with just a dash of enhancements to the already tried and true formula.

The core experience spans eight worlds littered with a variety of levels and extra’s to earn bonus items and try your hand at some mini-games. Those concerned that the games emphasis on being a multiplayer bonanza shouldn’t worry. New Super Mario Bros. Wii actually works better as a single player experience.

You’ve got two control systems to pick from: the sideways remote for an almost traditional NES style or the remote and nunchuck combination. Classic and Gamecube controllers are sadly a no-go zone and as with any Wii title, additional motion control features come as standard. Using it to move particular platforms during gameplay is a nice touch and in certain area’s the minor roles it plays seem to warrant it but for the rather pointless spin attack it feels a little unnecessary.

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