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Alan Wake Developer Confirms Rendering Resolution News - Xbox 360

Alan Wake Developer Confirms Rendering Resolution

Posted by Mehar Gill at Mon, Apr 19 2010 09:59:00 CDT 1459 views

Remedy's Director of Development confirms Alan Wake's rendering resolution.

Markus Mäki, Director of Development at Remedy Entertainment has explained Alan Wake's resolution rendering techniques.

"Modern renderers don't work by rendering everything to a certain final on-screen resolution, but use a combination of techniques and buffers to compose the final detail-rich frames, optimizing to improve the visual experience and game performance.

Alan Wake's renderer on the Xbox360 uses about 50 different intermediate render targets in different resolutions, color depths and anti-alias settings for different purposes. These are used for example for cascaded shadow maps from sun & moon, shadow maps from flashlights, flares and street lights, z-prepass, tiled color buffers, light buffers for deferred rendering, vector blur, screen-space ambient occlusion, auto-exposure, HUD, video buffers, menus and so on. In the end all are combined to form one 720p image, with all intermediate buffer sizes selected to optimize image quality and GPU performance. All together the render targets take about 80 MB of memory, equivalent in size to over twenty 720p buffers."

While this may not be the concrete answer many were looking for, it does confirm previous reports that the game ran at a solid 547p were not entirely correct.

Alan Wake releases exclusively on the Xbox 360 May 18, 2010 in North America and May 14, 2010 in Europe.

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