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Killzone 2 Review - PlayStation 3

Killzone 2 Review

Posted by Kory Baldwin at Sat, Feb 28 2009 01:48:56 CST 1397 views

Does Sony's anticipated shooter live up to the hype?

Killzone 2 is finally here. The almost four year wait since the infamous 2005 E3 footage is over. Gamers and critics alike may now see for themselves how close Guerilla came to the incredibly high standard its pre-rendered debut video set. Arguably the most hyped exclusive on any system since the launch of the PS3, Killzone has faced more pressure, and critical analysis, than almost any game before. Does Killzone 2 live up to the scrutiny of the gaming public and the hopes of Sony players everywhere?
In a nutshell; yes. Killzone, although not perfect, is an achievement for gaming in general. With the arrival of Killzone the visual bar has been raised and production values on every platform will from now on be rightfully compared to Sony’s latest and greatest shooter. The question that will come out of every gamers mouth for the next year or more is now “Does it look as good as Killzone 2?” That is a compliment.

With the above in mind, before I bring up any of the many reasons for which Killzone should be praised, let me first speak of its flaws.  They are not many, but they do need mentioned.

First off, Killzone’s story is average. There are many out there that are worse, but there are still quite a few that are noticeably better. In the end, Killzone’s story is functional and gives you a few good reasons to fight and push to the end. Just don’t expect to be moved or to care about the characters on screen. That is really all I can say. There are no major surprises or twists that you will not be able to predict before the end of the game. Where you really expecting more?

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