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TouchMaster Volume 1 Review - iPhone

TouchMaster Volume 1 Review

Posted by Mehar Gill at Sat, Feb 07 2009 04:56:54 CST 1986 views

Is Midway's foray into the iPhone market worth you money?

Midway has entered the iPhone App Store market in a rather unusual way; the very same day they announced their intent to sell games on iPhone was also the release date for their first game.  Considering Midway isn’t in the best financial condition as of this writing, it is no surprise the company is seeking to emulate the numerous other developers who have scored millions selling their applications to avid iPhone/iTouch owners.  Will Midway find success in the swiftly growing iPhone world? Is their first dabble in the market a good one?
For starters, you will notice immediately that the menu system is simple and easy to navigate.  Loading is essentially nonexistent and Midway has done  a  great job adapting to the added real estate on the “iFamily” (iPhone/iTouch) screen. Given their current position you can tell this wasn’t simply a cash grab but an honest effort at making a game work.
The Touchmaster series had its start on the Nintendo DS and I should make it clear I have never played the DS versions.  With that in mind, TouchMaster Volume 1 comes with 5 games taken directly from the Nintendo series: Prismatix, Dice King, Combo 11, Carpet and Spellwinder.


At first glance Prismatix looks like a Hexic clone, but after actually playing the game I found it has little in common with the iconic casual title.  Similar to its visual brother, Prismatix's gameplay is simple and addicting.  You start with a Hexic type grid at the bottom of the screen with half a wheel at the top. The wheel located at the top has Hexagonal shapes on them that line up in the middle.  Your goal is to combine at least two of the shapes in the screen below.  In both scenarios the hexagons have to touch and can be selected in any order.  Once selected you click the “Break” button located in the top right corner of the screen to clear them.  If you are unable to find a combination simply press the “Spin” button to have a new combo appear at the top.  Be careful though, your spins are limited so using them sparingly is crucial to success.
Dice King


Familiar yet addicting gameplay is a quick and easy way to describe Dice King.  The goal is to match at least 3 colored die to clear them. Clearing them will send the die to the middle of the playing field where they will stack with others of the same color. Stack enough and they fill up the top menu.  Fill the entire menu to win.  Just as I said; simple, addicting and fun.

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