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Limbo Review - Xbox 360

Limbo Review

Posted by Fred Rojas at Mon, Jul 26 2010 04:52:52 CDT 1239 views

Limbo has you hooked from the moment you see it in motion.  This challenging platformer/puzzler will have you dying - a lot.

Aesthetics and immersion.  This is clearly the mantra that was in the minds of everyone working at Playdead Studios when crafting Limbo.  This title is as simple as it gets and uses this simplicity as a great strength instead of a shortcoming.  While this may not be the type of experience you can come to expect out of a traditional game, it is a breath of fresh air as an independent.

Limbo doesn't really have a plot.  I'm sure if you scour the Internet or go to the game's official site you can read some brief sister-saving anecdote, but I played the game without researching anything about it.  To me, the game was about a boy who wakes up in a dark forest and starts running to the right.  Along his path he will face enemies, traps, and puzzles that prevent his ability to walk to the right.  After overcoming each obstacle he continues on the path until the game comes to a satisfying conclusion.  While that description probably sounds redundant and boring, Limbo is, I assure you, none of these two things.

I found a brunt of the puzzles to be a little tricky.  Many of them come in the form of traps, which basically means you'll die a few times by falling into it and then you can learn how to avoid it in the future.  Some of them come down to whether or not you see the goal before you get stuck.  Then there are the occasional head scratchers, four specific ones for my first time through, that had me trying all kinds of different things for nearly a half an hour.  There are benefits to those who go exploring, as I got three or four achievements just by wondering into dead ends that held literal easter eggs.  I must admit, though, that I wasn't very good at other puzzle platformers like Braid and Oddworld so it is quite possible that since I figured all of Limbo's puzzles out that it's an easy game.  Either way, the puzzles make you think and the experience, no matter how stuck you get, holds up.  I had a persistent attitude the whole time I was playing, as if I were the little boy on screen, that wouldn't allow me to get stuck for good.  My advice is to avoid all forms of walkthrough or FAQ (not even sure if there are any yet) to get the full experience out of this game because once you know how to complete the puzzle, the biggest part is gone.

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