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Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Review - Nintendo DS

Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ Review

Posted by James Attard at Sat, Nov 15 2008 10:05:43 CST 1434 views

Being Little Red Riding Hood Has Never Been So Much Fun!

For some time now we have only seen average action shooter titles on DS, rarely any of them being on rails. Thankfully, while Little Red Riding Hood’s Zombie BBQ isn’t your typical action shooter title, it is a great game in and of itself.

Set within Storyland, both Little Red Riding Hood and Momotaro have discovered that everyone has become zombies.  Those affected include beloved fairytale characters we loved as kids and now get to kill as adults. The game lets you choose between Little Red or Momotaro and with a weapon at your side you must shoot zombies as they head towards you. This isn’t as simple as it sounds,  however, as being on rails, you can’t actually control when and where you walk.  Apart from moving across the width of the screen to avoid zombies, you sometimes find yourself in tight situations.

Zombies vary throughout the game, each with different strengths and weaknesses, and even some having special abilities. You only have your weapon, and any others you pick up along the way, there will be a lot of blood on your hands. This game is actually quite difficult as I died several times, most particularly in boss fights. At the same time, that really does add to the value of this title because it isn’t just a walk through the zombie infested park. The bosses are all unique, based on popular fairy tale characters. In one level I had to pump lead into Gretel, from Hansel & Gretel, who ate both her brother and the witch after she became a zombie.
The games controls are simple to handle with either the D-Pad or the stylus to move the character along the bottom of the screen.  Choosing your weapon is as easy as touching the appropriate icon on the screen.  Instead of choosing a direction or angle to shoot at, you actually touch the location on the screen you want your bullet to go and your character will aim accordingly.  This can become confusing and hectic at times when the entire bottom screen is covered in zombies and your thumb covers most of them because you're trying to shoot.  Overall, the control scheme is intuitive and a successful implementation of a unique shooting style.

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