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World of Warcraft Guide: Leatherworking Article - PC

World of Warcraft Guide: Leatherworking

Posted by Fiona Allison at Sat, Oct 02 2010 04:14:32 CDT 1051 views

Leatherworking is a crafting profession which allows the player to make leather and mail armour as well as cloaks. This guide will give a brief overview of leatherworking's uses and how to level it. 

Players who use leatherworking should also have the skinning profession to go with it. Leatherworking trainers are found in every city and sometimes in towns or camps. 

Levelling Leatherworking

The maximum skill for leatherworking is currently 450, and it will be increased once Cataclysm is released. The first recipes a player will learn will be fairly simple, and will only require a few pieces of leather and some thread which can be purchased from various vendors in cities, towns and camps. Most players who take up leatherworking can make use of the items they make such as druids, rogues, hunters and shamans. As well as learning how to make new items from leatherworking trainers, recipes can be found in dungeons and raids, some nice sets can be purchased from various factions once a player reaches a certain reputation. 

Various Leatherworking Paths

A player can choose a certain type of leatherworking if they wish to reflect their character. There are 3 types available: elemental, tribal and dragonscale. Tribal leatherworking is suited to druids, dragonscale leatherworking is best for hunters and shamans, and elemental leatherworking suites rogues best. 

Epic Leatherworking

There are many epic leatherworking patterns available especially at level 80 and when a player is at or close to full skill. These epic items require many materials to craft but are certainly worth it. Some of these recipes require leather, arctic fur, elementals such a life, shadow, water etc. primordial saronite, dragonscales.

Different Items Made by Leatherworkers

As well as leather and mail items, leatherworkers can make cloaks, armour patches, and only on themselves they can use arctic fur to increase spell power, attack power or stamina on their own bracers. They can also use the leather to create better leather, for example, borean leather can be made into heavy borean leather, knothide leather into heavy knothide leather. They can also make drums, most useful are Drums of Forgotten Kings, which increase raid/party member's stats by 8%. This is handy if the group doesn't have a paladin, or there is a paladin but players want other buffs such as Blessing of Might or Blessing of Wisdom. 

Leatherworking is a very beneficial crafting profession. It does become difficult to get the last few points to maximum skill but the items created are worth it, either to sell or from the leatherworker to use. 

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