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Interplay Initially Offered Bethesda Rights To Fallout MMO News - PC

Interplay Initially Offered Bethesda Rights To Fallout MMO

Posted by Mehar Gill at Fri, Oct 22 2010 05:54:07 CDT 521 views

Interplay President Eric Caen reveals his company originally offered Bethesda the rights to the Fallout MMO which they declined.

Interplay President Eric Caen has revealed Bethesda previously turned down an offer to buy the rights to a Fallout MMO for $50 million. The IP was originally offered to Bethesda by Interplay CEO Hervé Caen when negotiations in regards to the sale of the franchise were active.

"Hervé [Caen] started negotiations with Bethesda to sell Fallout to them," reveals Eric. "My brother said: 'If you want the full IP, the value of it is $50 million.' They said: 'No way. Why $50 million?' We said: 'Because the MMOG strength of this universe is huge.' Bethesda said: 'We don't want that. Let's buy everything else but the MMOG. Do the MMOG.' They said that Interplay had to start development and by a certain time we had to have a full game in development."

Bethesda instead opted to buy the rights to the Fallout franchise for approximately $6 million, Interplay was however given certain rights to the franchise which included the creation of an MMO.

Caen believes Bethesda realized the value of an MMO after the success of Fallout 3,

"They bought everything, but left Interplay with the licence to do the MMOG - under certain conditions, thinking that Interplay would never fulfil these conditions. But Interplay did. Spring 2009 - this is public information - Bethesda sends a termination letter to Interplay, saying: 'You did not fulfil your obligation.' So all the litigation is about that. I think Bethesda, off the back of Fallout 3's success, realised that Hervé was probably right about the value. They said: 'OK, how can we get that without paying?'"

Bethesda had filed a lawsuit against Interplay in 2009 over the Fallout franchise, among the complaints include the progress of the MMO and distribution of past Fallout titles. The case is currently ongoing.

Fallout Online is in development at Interplay with aid from Masthead Studios, the MMO is expected to launch in 2012 for the PC with a public beta shortly before launch.

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