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Pinball Yeah! Update 1.1 Impressions News - iPhone

Pinball Yeah! Update 1.1 Impressions

Posted by Mehar Gill at Mon, Nov 01 2010 07:40:08 CDT 1826 views

The latest update increases device support and in-game performance.

Pinball Yeah! was playable to a certain extent on older devices before the update, your mileage with the game however would have varied depending on numerous factors. When the game initially released on the App Store, there was confusion over playability and supported devices leaving many gamers out in the cold. Update 1.1 among other things attempts to cater to this audience by increasing device support and fixing other grievances with the game. Once again, we tested the update on an iTouch 2G and iPhone 3GS, a bulk of this preview will draw from our iTouch 2G experiences.

To activate the low quality mode you simply choose "Low" option under the "Graphic Detail Level" section in the options menu, the game will automatically adjust quality levels the first time you run the game. If your device was previously not "supported" the game automatically changes to the low setting. The change does not require a restart of the game and can be changed at any time before loading a table.

When in low quality mode the most apparent differences are the lack of background music and lower quality textures. In return, the game will run and load far better than it previously did on unsupported devices, sound effects are still intact. Battery life sees a slight improvement in Low quality mode. Arguably the A.I. table suffered the most when it came to slowdown even on supported devices, these issues were essentially non-existent during our playthroughs.

Tables such as Liquid Bread and Code Runners work fine in High Detail mode for older devices while Pirate Cove fails to load and A.I. is hit or miss but generally runs at a lower framerate. As a result, you can manually switch between the two modes depending on which table you pick if required.

One of our main grievances with the game originally was the lack of documentation, unfortunately, update 1.1 provides none. The App Store description was however updated with tips, some of which that are not present in the "Table Info" section of the game.

The update is available for free to users who have already purchased the game and can be downloaded from the App Store; new purchases come with the 1.1 patch by default. The patch essentially addresses all the major issues that plagued the game, if the hardware issues are still keeping you on the fence the "Lite" version of the app received the same patch.

Our Pinball Yeah! review can be found here.

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