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Super Meat Boy Wii Delayed, Retail Release Possible? News - Nintendo Wii

Super Meat Boy Wii Delayed, Retail Release Possible?

Posted by Mehar Gill at Mon, Nov 01 2010 09:48:05 CDT 654 views

Developer confirms delay for WiiWare release of Super Meat Boy, hints at potential for retail release.

Super Meat Boy for the Nintendo Wii has been delayed according to developer Team Meat. According to the developer, the delay is compression related in terms of meeting WiiWare size requirements.

attention internets, the wii version is NOT coming out in Nov its impossible. we havent even gotten the size down under 50mb yet (goal=39mb)

A new release date has not yet been revealed. The developer later tweeted hinting at the potential for a retail release.

if we decided to try to find a publisher & do a boxed version for $20 (with extras) but come out later on the wii, would you hold out?

Super Meat Boy released on Xbox Live Arcade on October 20, a PC and Mac version will follow this month with a WiiWare release at a later date.

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