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World of Warcraft Cataclysm Guide: Event in Orgrimmar Article - PC

World of Warcraft Cataclysm Guide: Event in Orgrimmar

Posted by Fiona Allison at Tue, Nov 02 2010 03:15:58 CDT 3021 views

On November 1st a quest chain was implemented as part of an event in the build up to Cataclysm. This guide will briefly go through the quest chain for the Horde.

As World of Warcraft Cataclysm is just over a month away players will see more and more events and quests related to it. This quest chain is the latest implemented for players. 


The quest will begin in Orgrimmar, players can also pick up a quest in other Horde cities to speak to the NPC in Orgrimmar who is located just outside the bank in the Valley of Strength area of the city. The first part of the quest is to speak to Gotura Fourwinds in Grommash Hold. The rest of the quest chain can then be obtained from Blood Guard Torek. 

Cultists of Doom

The first of these quests will be to go to The Drag, listen to a speech by a Doomsayer and obtain three pamphlets. Each of the pamphlets will be located next to one of the Doomsayers in The Drag. The next quest will be to place 5 posters around Orgrimmar which warn of the Cultists message. After this has been done, Blood Guard Torek will offer two quests, one of which is to obtain a Cultist's robe to inflitrate the cult and the second to speak to Cultists at their camp at the Jaggedswine Farm just outside of Orgrimmar. The robes can be found in boxes next to the Doomsayers in The Drag.

Infiltrating the Cult

To infiltrate the cult, the player must equip the Cultist's robe and speak to Overseer Jintak at the Cultist's camp at Jaggedswine Farm. She will offer the player a couple of quests to be part of the cult. The Overseer will ask the player to spread the message of the Cultists at the East and West Zeppelin Towers and Razor Hill. The next quest requires the player to listen to the Cultist's plans at the altar at the camp. The following quest requires the player to return to Orgrimmar and inform Blood Guard Torek of the cultist's plans for elemental invasion.

Return to Orgrimmar 

After returning to Blood Gaurd Torek, the player will have to destroy elemental devices around the city, this will release Raging Fire Elementals, of which the player needs to kill five. The mobs will be relevant to the player's level. The final part of the quest chain will be to speak to Garrosh Hellscream about the Cultist's plans. 

Although the quest seems anti-climactic, further quests and events will be implemented in the coming weeks before the release of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. The quest chain is available to almost every level player, players below level 80 will gain a nice bit of experience and reputation for completing the chain, and level 80 players will receive over 13 gold for almost every quest completed in the chain. 

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