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Condemned: Criminal Origins Review - Xbox 360

Condemned: Criminal Origins Review

Posted by Christine Melgarejo at Sun, Sep 21 2008 03:31:48 CDT 2414 views

Take the role of an FBI agent trying to track down a serial killer...

The game sounds great on a 5.1 surround sound setup, the sound of someone walking around behind you while sneering sinisterly is definitely something to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The music was really tailored for Condemned, whether it is the eerie theme music or the sounds of children playing on a empty and abandoned school yard, the music will always add to the suspense.

But while the game may have the all around great story and fear-inducing atmosphere, there are a great many glitches that are large enough to never want to pick it up again. A few involve certain scripts in the game not activating when they should, such as a wall that’s supposed to disappear and become a doorway not actually doing so, hindering progress until the game is rebooted. This happens in more than one spot along the journey and is incredibly annoying.
There’s also a fair amount of glitching when it comes to achievements. There are times when even after completing the right in-game events, certain achievements are still not awarded and may require a replay of the entire game to right itself. Issues this big are inexcusable and makes it feel like the game was lazily thrown together.
The replay-ability will differ from gamer to gamer. There are items in the form of dying birds to be collected in levels that will garner you an achievement and unlock in game content if completed. Playing the game by only using a certain weapon set will also unlock certain achievements. Depending on how you perceive things, the game will also have two endings.
Condemned: Criminal Origins definitely has the makings of a good horror game, but is hurting from the technical issues it has. Despite these issues, Condemned: Criminal Origins is still something to be experienced. If you can find the game for cheap I would highly recommend a look.

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Rating For Condemned: Criminal Origins Review

Really fun plot, though a few holes in places. Really gives you the feeling of being a true murder investigator.


Great environment, lighting really sets the mood, creepy detailed enemies.


Shuffling feet and heavy breathing coming from the shadows really turns on the fright.


A great find for cheap and invest some time in, just a few rampant glitches that take away from the overall experience.

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