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Brütal Legend Review - PlayStation 3

Brütal Legend Review

Posted by Zac Simpson at Sat, Oct 17 2009 09:26:15 CDT 2515 views

Absurd Metal Mayhem from Start to Finish.

There are plenty of interesting areas to visit and each is unique and inspired by the heavy metal ethos of the game world. Strewn across the vividly realised metal world are Motor Forges, Bound Serpents, Tab Slabs, Buried Metal effigies and Artefacts of Legend. Unlocking one of these items will result in a reward, usually in the form of Fire Tributes (the currency used to unlock items). For example, visiting a Motor Forge will allow you to upgrade your weapons and the Deuce, whilst unlocking a Bound Serpent, Tab Slab, Buried Metal effigy or Artefact of Legend will result in an attribute upgrade, new solo ability, new song or timeline reveal respectively. Motor Forges are the most important of all the discoverable items and play a significant role in the advancement of Rigg’s skill set. To upgrade an item, you simply enter the forge and hand over your hard earned Fire Tributes to metal god Ozzy Osbourne.

Ozzy is one of several heavy metal personalities who have lent their voice talents to the game. Motorhead bassist Lemmy Kilmister, Judas Priest and Fight frontman Rob Halford, Lita Ford (formerly of the Runaways) and Hollywood’s Tim Curry are also amongst the impressive cast. First and foremost though is Jack Black, who delivers a brilliant performance as Eddie Riggs, complete with his trademark over-the-top wit. Unfortunately, whilst the start of the game is full of humour that will often see you laughing out loud, the level of humour does decline as the game progresses. The cut scenes are still some of the most entertaining I’ve seen however, and serve to move the action forward in a satisfying and entertaining way.

Speaking of action, most of the missions are combat based, including the many side missions. Although there are a few variations to the combat heavy side missions, including hunting animals, racing opponents or simply attempting to get to a location before the timer expires, the side missions do lose their appeal quickly. Thankfully, the main missions are varied and exciting and nearly always deliver fun in spades.

The soundtrack, as you would expect, is chock full of heavy metal hits, shredding riffs and screaming vocals. Kiss, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Megadeath, Anthrax, King Diamond and Motorhead are amongst the plethora of artists whose songs feature in the game. To listen to a song players must be driving (or in close proximity to) the Deuce; this isn’t a setback though, as the Deuce is fun to drive and an integral part of the gameplay mechanic – you will find yourself power sliding through the world in the hotted up metal beast at every opportunity.

Graphically, the game certainly isn’t up there with the best of the best. Whilst the graphics are serviceable, they are closer in quality to early PS3 release titles rather than the latest generation of graphical powerhouses like Uncharted II. The frame rate does stutter frequently and although this stutter is minimal, it is noticeable.

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