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TouchMaster Volume 1 Review - iPhone

TouchMaster Volume 1 Review

Posted by Mehar Gill at Sat, Feb 07 2009 04:56:54 CST 1987 views

Is Midway's foray into the iPhone market worth you money?

Each minigame has a set of trophies the player can unlock by completing various challenges.  Each trophy has a tier associated with it as well to give some idea of the "value" of each trophy.  Conveniently, you are informed of potential tropies before starting a game which gives you the chance to set a goal for yourself if you are one of those types that enjoys personal challenges.  As always, the inclusion of Trophies adds a ton of replay value and I encourage you to try for each one as you move through the game. 
An interesting aspect of Midway's mobile collection is that each game is essentially “no fail."  For example, a game may require you to beat a certain time limit to advance to the next level, but if you fail to finish in the allotted time you will not be taken out of the game.  Instead, you may still finish your round before having to go back to "square one”. Although some may not like the idea of being coddled, I actually enjoyed this element because it helped create a more casual and relaxing experience, no stress involved! 

TouchMaster Volume 1's soundtrack was surprisingly good.  It felt retro, as you would expect from the games presentation, with 80's style tunes reminiscent of tacks accompanying videogames from the 80s/90s. It was nice to see that the songs weren’t locked to any specific game so each play through will give you a different soundtrack then your last.  I was a bit disappointed at the lack of a customizable music set, especially considering the game is offered on a device that happens to be a dedicated music player!  Hopefully Midway will look into this for future revisions or sequels.
As an interesting side note, the more I played the game the more relaxed I felt. None of the games included utilize the accelerometer so this just might be a great way to relieve some stress during the morning and evening commute without annoying the person next to you on the bus.

The only real downside of the title is that play instructions included with each game were brief and lacked depth.  At times you may need to learn some of the gameplay mechanics on your own, which is challenging.  What are you worried about? You're smart, you can do it!
All the games included are 2D, but the sprites do look sharp and animations are fluid. For what it is, the graphical offerings for the TouchMaster line up are bright, eye catching, and functional.
To wrap things up, the games are available on the app store and you can buy all 5 in a pack for only $3.99 or separately for $0.99.  Midway  put effort into this transition from the DS and it shows. While I’m sure we will see more Touchmaster games on the “iFamily,"  Volume 1 is a must buy.  Considering the price point, the offering you receive is more than worth the meager sum. Get this one and enjoy.

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Rating For TouchMaster Volume 1 Review

Menu's are really simple, slick and easy to navigate.


The soundtrack is really nice, it would have been a perfect score if custom soundtracks were available.


A welcome addition to the app store, the game does have a few flaws but don't let that hold you back. Five games for only $3.99 is a definite buy. Midway has delivered in Volume 1.

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